Reps urge Nigeria Customs Service to adhere to 20 km ban

The Nigeria Customs Service has been urged to adhere to the twenty kilometres ban on the discharge of petroleum products from the Idiroko border in Ogun State.
This is one of the resolutions of a motion titled Need to Relocate Customs Land Border Road Check Point, Idiroko to an Accurate 20 Kilometres Away sponsored by Rep Kolawole Lawal from Ogun State at plenary.
 Leading the debate, Rep Kolawole Lawal explained that the Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs Service in 2019 had issued a directive banning the discharge of petroleum products in any filling station within 20 kilometres of any land border in Nigeria.
He said since the directive, all the land borders in the country have complied with the directive, including Idiroko land border in Ogun State which the 20 kilometres from the land border, erroneously terminates at Ajilete Community in Ipokia Local Government Area.
Rep Kolawole Lawal also expressed concern that the closure of the land border at Idiroko had caused untold hardship on the people as they are unable to freely conduct their regular businesses at the border to earn a living.
He added that the personnel of the Border Drill Unit who are charged with the responsibility to enforce the directive, in violation of the circular which is specific about petroleum products, are preventing the residents from transporting other commodities like biscuits, cement, soft drinks and other consumables beyond Ajilete checkpoint.
Adopting the motion, the house also urged the custom service to allow non-petroleum commodities like biscuits, cement, soft drinks, and other consumables to go beyond twenty kilometres from the border to allow people to conduct their legitimate businesses with ease.
The house then mandated its Committees on Customs and Excise and Special Duties to ensure compliance.


Tuesday 22nd March 2022



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