Rep. Sam Onuigbo speaks on the Correlation Between Democracy and National Security,on the platform a political programme on Kapital FM 


The Federal lawmaker from Abia state talked about the implications of subverting the will of the people during election.
He said that subverting the will of the people during election creates  doubt in the mind of the people and reduces interest in Democratic process. He also pointed out that if the power did not come from the people, that you will be compelled to dance to the tune of one Chieftain that puts you in power thereby leaving the people and it will make you not to work for the satisfaction of the people you are representing and that leads to lack of socioeconomic development of the people. For Him (Hon. Onuigbo), he was the first  House of Rep Member to be reelected to represent his constituency in the history of 20years of democracy because he has been involved in community development and representation.  when he was working at the US embassy he was involved in qualitative leadership of workers because he knows with proper leadership and representation he will be needed by the people.
Subverting of people’s will should be discouraged.
He pointed out here that Democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people but there is a distortion because some of the people vested with the responsibilities of exercising leadership are not prepared for leadership and some have funny orientation about what they are to do as legislators or a governor, some see it as an opportunity to amass wealth for themselves instead of providing social amenities and dividends of democracy these lead to the unrest, crisis and insecurity we are experiencing today.
So as a legislature, they are working on the challenges, it is work in progress, the work is not only for the legislatures, it is for everybody.
He went on to say that the people should not be blamed much for selling of their votes during elections because if there are functional social amenities and provision of some safety nets you will not find individuals running about to sell their votes.
Some people said that it is the politicians that caused the insecurity so let’s leave it for them to handle.
Hon. Onuigbo said that we should work as a people to tackle insecurity in the nation we should avoid the blame game.
 Further more, he said to stop insecurity, we need Deliberate government policies, well funded security network with adequate information sharing between the people managing security architecture and the community. People should see something and say something.
Nigeria is a well blessed nation because he has traveled to about 500 local governments so far so we need to come together to fight insecurity.
On State, Regional and local policing he said it should be encouraged but with adequate coordination.
Hon. Onuigbo debunked the rumors that legislatures don’t have a functional office in their constituencies. He said for him, he has a functional office in his constituency, that he is  always at home, that he is the man of the people and he connects with his people.
He said that the Ninth Assembly has contributed immensely in tackling insecurity by passing a resolution inviting the security chiefs to come and brief the House and they are constant consultations of the leadership of the house with the security chiefs and there are so many improvements from those consultations  and they are also making cases for the security Agencies for proper funding and National Assembly has passed a bill on the sharing formula on oil that is from offshore from it money is made available to fund security.
He explained his acronym. EAR : Effective representation, Accessibility to the people that elected him and Responsiveness to the people with the available resources.
Legislative vibes.
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